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Nightwatch is a relaxed camping game where your sole goal is to keep the fire alive and burning while the others sleep, by feeding it sticks by your camp, or finding them in the woods. Who knows, maybe by searching the woods you might find something else as well!

Made by Neon and Tea for Ludum Dare 46. Link to Git.


  • Movement with WASD or Left stick on your gamepad.
  • Look around with Mouse or Right stick on your gamepad.
  • Grab/throw with Left click or A on your gamepad.
  • Ignite a stick with another burning stick (or the campfire) with Right click or B on your gamepad.
  • Pause the game and open the options menu with Escape.


Directing, Art, and Voice Acting/Story - Tea
Programming and Gameplay - Neon

And internet fetched assets

Footsteps by revolt2563
Campfire, owl, radio fx and bird takeoff sounds by Yle

Bug fixes made post-LD

These are the bugfixes for bugs caused by 3AM typos, as allowed by the rules (each of these were like, 1-3 line fixes):

  • Fix stick and casette spawners not registering already spawned casettes
  • Fix wrong tooltip when looking at campfire
  • Fix carried sticks being dropped when casettes are picked up

Low detail version changes

The original version requires an unnecessarily high amount of computing power from the user's machine, so here's the changes made to the low detail one:

  • Remove TAA and MSAA (don't ask why the original has both)
  • Fix a bug in the LOD system (less objects to render)
  • Remove bloom and vignette
  • Decrease shadow resolution and remove cascades
  • Add render scale option in the pause menu
  • Misc. changes Unity's Low preset has compared to the Ultra one


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Nightwatch (Windows x86_64) 46 MB
Version 3
Nightwatch (Windows x86) 43 MB
Version 2
Nightwatch (Linux x86_64) 55 MB
Version 2
Nightwatch (MacOS) 49 MB
Version 3
Nightwatch (Windows x86) (Low detail) 36 MB
Version 2
Nightwatch (Linux x86_64) (Low detail) 48 MB
Version 2
Nightwatch (MacOS) (Low detail) 42 MB
Version 2

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